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Introducing: Timeline: Available Now!

See every client communication on a single page, that are clearly presented in chronological order. Timeline is available at both the Contact and Account level.

Client Emails
Secure Messages
Text Messages
Task Requests

Email Integration for Gmail and Outlook: Available Now!

Connect your Gmail or Outlook, and see your emails right inside Liscio. Enabling this feature firm-wide gives visibility across staff, ensuring employees have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Eliminate the need for CC'ing and BCC'ing to keep everyone in the loop. Access email threads on the client or account level.

Email integration for accountants, gmail and outlook

Two-Way Texting: Coming Soon!

Move the conversation where it belongs. Say goodbye to texting on your personal phone, and start texting through Liscio.

Keep your client's personal information safe, send meeting reminders via text, and get quicker responses.

Client Workflows and Questionnaires

Streamline tax preparations with custom tax organizers tailored to your clients. Effortlessly deliver completed tax documents to clients with automated workflows. Coming soon!

Accounting client workflows and tax questionnaires

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we only retrieve emails from the inbox and ignore the spam folder?

Yes, we have already configured that for you. Outlook will retrieve emails from the 'Focused' tab only, and Gmail will retrieve only from the 'Primary' tab.

If an email is automatically associated with a client in Liscio, can it be disassociated?

Yes! You can manually disassociate any email, thereby removing it from the client's Liscio account.

What if someone sends a private email, and I don't want the rest of the staff to see it?

Only client emails will be auto-associated with clients in Liscio. All other emails will remain private.

Does the email integration replace secure Liscio messages?

No, we will continue to provide both options. Liscio messages will remain your secure communication alternative. Plus, you can very easily respond to an email with a secure Liscio message to help facilitate client adoption.

Is it possible to retrieve emails from multiple email addresses or different ones on the firm side?

At the moment, you can only enable the feature for the email account that matches your login. However, we plan to support multiple email addresses and will implement this feature in the near future, likely by the end of this year or early next year.

Can we use our own line for SMS?

A line will be assigned to you when you sign up for SMS.

When will SMS be available?

It is currently in beta for a select few, and will be publicly available at the end of September.

Can the questionnaires be customized?

Yes! You can create a custom request by adding all your questions and document requests from scratch each time, or use a template. We will provide templates, or your team can create their own. From that template, you can modify it once and send it, or you can create a new version of that template specifically for your team, a particular client, or a group of clients.

Will the questionnaires have conditional logic?


Will the organizer allow clients to upload documents within the request organized by section?


Is it possible to view the timeline by clients?

Yes! The timeline is available on both the Account and Contact pages.