Keep Private Information Private

The IRS and FTC mandate that accountants always encrypt sensitive client information. Liscio secure messaging provides a secure, in-network communication channel for you and your clients without creating another information silo.
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Meet IRS Publication 4557 & FTC Safeguards rule regulations.

"SECURITY! We protect clients' data by using Liscio. No more receiving docs via email!"

Easy to Use

Offering secure messaging a single app alongside files, signatures, and client tasks keeps clients in a single, consistent experience.

"Liscio is AWESOME! All client communication and documentation in one place. I feel so much more organized with all I need at my finger-tips!"


Secure Communication

Secure messages appear on the Timeline in-line with client emails, texts, files, and signatures.

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Up to 2GB

Messages include enough room to attach your biggest files.

Include Images

Add images alongside your text for clarity.

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