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Everything in One Place

Tired of looking for client information? Get the whole picture with Liscio. See emails, text messages, files, signatures, and client requests on a single screen.

Why is Liscio Different?

Liscio is the only solution that combines email, texting, secure messaging, and client requests in a single place. No matter how your clients want to work with you, Liscio has you covered. And Liscio doesn't require you to change any of your back-office systems.

Covers Every Way Your Client Communicates

Email. Text messaging. Mobile app. Secure Portal. Different clients have different ways of communicating with your firm. Consolidate all of these channels into a single portal for total transparency.

Customer love
I started with Liscio in 2019, and it is the most rewarding vendor relationship I ever had. Awesome people, excellent software... Looking forward to more ❤️ !
Leah Ilanah
Ilanah Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Serviceds
Essential Bookkeeping Solutions LOVES Liscio. We love it and our clients love it. It does ALL of the things!!!
Charlotte Baker
Essential Bookkeeping Solutions
"Liscio helps me and the team keep our heads on straight during TAX SEASON! Without Liscio a growing business cannot grow fast. Liscio is a LIFE SAVER and a DEAL MAKER!! Thank you Liscio!"
Michael Mette
Registered Tax Return Preparer, Your Tax Place

We Create 5-Star Client Experiences

Give your clients something worth talking about. Earn your stars by giving your clients everything they need to succeed in single Super App.

Face ID Login
Secure File Transfer
Document Scanner
Customer love
"Liscio Saved My Life! (Before Liscio) I had sleepless nights, I was overwhelmed. Did I do this or that? I felt disorganized. Am I secure? In comes Liscio "Dave, we got you!" SOLUTION! Liscio helps my firm look good, be organized, simplifies my communication and ensures I never miss communication with my clients."
Dave Kersting
CEO/CPA, Capovario
Liscio is AWESOME! All client communication and documentation in one place. I feel so much more organized with all I need at my finger-tips!
Donna McCoy
Dreamcatcher Bookkeeping
Loving Liscio for client communication and file storage.
Has made my life easy!
Bernadette Amos
MKBA, Inc.

Works for Every Type of Firm

Whether you're working on a complex audit or a simple individual return, one thing remains the same -- the client. Liscio gives you the right tools for the job -- tailored and templated for each type of work.


Connect Apps Easily

Customer Love

See what other firms have to say about the new way they can work using the powerful tools built into Liscio.

Client Communication🔥

"No more physical documents, No more client notes on post its, No more lost client emails. YES - Clear, clean organized client communication and document sharing with clients!"

Deanna Johnson
Client Communication & Outreach, Allman Johnson
Confidence ✨

Liscio has been a life saver! So easy to exchange client info with the utmost confidence. Thanks!

Angel Przybylowicz
AP Keeeping, LLC.
Tech Stack ⭐

Liscio was exactly what we needed to combine our tech stack and improve our efficiency to help our team and the clients. Thank you so much!

Shannon Sheridan
Eclipse Accounting and Tax
Onboarding ❗

I love Liscio! It has completely changed my firm, onboarding, and how I interact with my team! Love you guys!

Katey Maddux
Katey Maddux Enterprises

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