Tax Organizers That Get Results

Master tax season with organizers that get results.  Liscio manages the tax organizer process from end-to-end, helping your clients stay on task and on time. Liscio organizers include everything you and your clients need, from personalization and automatic reminders, to mobile and tablet apps. 

How It Works

Download from Your Tax Software

Start by downloading client organizer PDF files from your tax software. 

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Import into Liscio

Upload the PDF files into Liscio. Liscio uses the Client ID to accurately pair each organizer with the appropriate client.

Automatically Generate Personalized Organizers

Liscio uses information from each client’s PDF organizer to personalize their digital organizer. Your clients will see everything they need -- from their contact information to information they provided last year.

Give Your Clients the Experience They Deserve

Clients can easily upload files with the document scanner as they go.

Track Progress and Collaborate in Real-Time

Liscio’s progress bar shows you where each client is in the process. You can view their answers and files in real time. You can also add files and answers for them, helping you manage the gathering process in a single place.

Tax Software We Work With

UltraTax CS
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CCH Axcess™

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