Two-Way Texting for Accountants

Get answers fast – without using your personal phone.
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Keep personal phones personal

Liscio uses dedicated business numbers for texting -- keeping personal phones personal and business messages inside the business.

Two-way texting for accountants in Liscio


Get the answers you need, fast. The median time for clients to respond to a text message is 8 minutes.


Two-Way Texting

Add two-way texting to your business communication suite for speed, client service, and total transparency.

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Keep Messages Inside the Firm

Business messages belong inside the firm – not on personal phones. Protect sensitive client information from walking out the door with Liscio two-way texting.

Move at the Speed of Texting

Text messages get results fast. In fact, the average response time is more than 8 times faster than email. Keep your clients moving with Liscio text messages and text reminders.

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Images Saved as PDF

Liscio automatically converts image files sent via text to PDF saving your team valuable time.

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