Every Client File in a Single Place

Liscio gathers and stores all of your client files in a single place. Files received can be easily downloaded from Liscio for storage in your DMS.
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Receive files from any source

Client documents can arrive from multiple angles: email, text message, document signature, secure portal, or workflow. Liscio covers all the bases ensuring you and your team only have to look in one place.

"Loving Liscio for client communication and file storage. Has made my life easy!"

Send your biggest files

Liscio's storage solution accommodates up to 2GB per file, so your clients can send and receive their largest files.


The Liscio Vault

Access and view client documents virtually any page. See files by Contact and Account, attach files and send them via secure messaging, email, text message, or eSign.

24/7 Self Service

Clients can find, view, and share documents from a single place. Liscio offers the full range of Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop access options.

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Automatic PDF Conversion

Liscio automatically Converts Image files to PDF.  Perfect for when clients text or email pictures of documents.

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Mobile Scanner

Liscio's Mobile Document Scanner ensures client files arrive ready for use. Image processing include automatic cropping, light adjustment, and conversion to PDF.

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