Customer Love

See what other firms have to say about the new way they can work using the powerful tools built into Liscio.

Liscio automatically reminds my clients to complete tasks. Saves me so much time!  Thank you!

Brittany Buhtz, EPW & Associates.

I started with Liscio in 2019, and it is the most rewarding vendor relationship I ever had. Awesome people, excellent software... Looking forward to more (Heart)!

Leah Ilanah, Ilanah Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Services.

Liscio is a life saver. Getting client documents has never been this easy! Liscio is a must-have!

Jesse Buhl, Medcity Consulting.

Love having the security and one app to communicate to our clients! Great support! Love you Liscio!!

Delayne Jones, Haynie & Company.

(Liscio) gives us Secure Email, Task Manager, E-signatures, and File Organization

Jay Mercer, J. Mercer & Associates.

Liscio has changed how we communicate with clients, but also how we communicate with our TEAM!

Taylor Lungren, Accounting Therapy, Inc.

Liscio is AWESOME! All client communication and documentation in one place. I feel so much more organized with all I need at my finger-tips!

Donna McCoy, Dreamcatcher Bookeeping.

We love using Liscio as our client-facing portal!

James Theis, Payroll Solutions Plus.

Essential Bookkeeping Solutions LOVES Liscio. We love it and our clients love it. It does ALL of the things!!!

Charlotte Baker, Essential Bookkeeping Solutions.

Loving Liscio for client communication and file storage. Has made my life easy!

Bernadette Amos, MKBA Inc.

LOVE LOVE Liscio! It has been a lifesaver to get all my client documents on a regular basis. Time saver for sure!

Janice Barsalou, Just Right Bookkeeping & Consulting Service.

We love the easy navigation and the way we are able to reach out to our Partners. Love this app because it makes my job much easier and our Partners love to ask us about adding it!

Emma Bunch, CBG.

Liscio has been a life saver! So easy to exchange client info with the utmost confidence. Thanks!

Angel Przybylowicz, AP Keeping LLC.

I love Liscio! It has completely changed my firm, onboarding, and how I interact with my team! Love you guys!

Katey Maddux, Katey Maddux Enterprises

Liscio was exactly what we needed to combine our tech stack and improve our efficiency to help our team and the clients. Thank you so much!

Shannon Sheridan, Eclipse Accounting and Tax.

SECURITY! We protect clients' data by using Liscio. No more receiving docs via email!

Hal Rosen, Hainey and Co.