Getting Started for new Liscio users

Are you eager to start using Liscio but can't find your invitation in your inbox? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's a simple guide to help you get started and ensure you make the most of our powerful client communication platform.

Getting started

Can't find the Liscio invitation in your inbox?

Note the date of your invite:
Please check the announcement email sent by your firm. The email contains the date on which invites will be sent.
Check your Spam/Junk folder:
The invite might have been filtered into your spam or junk folder.
Business Email users:
If you're using a business email account, it's possible that your organization's email system has flagged the Liscio invitation. Contact your IT department and ask them to check for the email and whitelist the sender address "" to ensure future communications are not blocked.
Personal Gmail users:
Check the "Promotions" tab in your Gmail account as well. Liscio invitations can sometimes end up in this tab.
Reach out to your firm:
If the date for the delivery of your invite has passed, please contact your firm.

Next Steps:

Add your mobile number:
Upon activating your account, be sure to add your mobile number. This will allow you to receive important updates via text messages.

Bookmark the Liscio website:
For quick and convenient access to Liscio online, make sure to bookmark in your web browser. This will save you time when logging in and accessing your account.

Get the mobile app:
Once your Liscio account is activated, get the app! Stay connected and manage your communications on the go, providing you with the flexibility to access your Liscio account anytime, anywhere.

Need more help?

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