Electronic Signatures Without the Hassle

Tired of looking in yet another system for signed documents? Sharing a electronic signature login to reduce monthly subscription costs? Liscio's integrated eSign solution keeps you and your team on the same page.
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Everything in one place

Electronic signatures belong alongside client messages, emails, and files. Liscio's integrated eSign keeps it that way.

"Loving Liscio for client communication and file storage. Has made my life easy!"

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Say goodbye to yet another software subscription. With Liscio's eSign solution you only pay for the documents you send.


Complete Visibility

Signature requests and updates show on the Timeline so you and your team know exactly where things stand.

Sign From Any Device

Clients can easily sign from PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA)

Liscio supports KBA for government and other forms that require identity verification.

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Convenient File Storage

Signed documents are saved alongside other client files for easy access by both firm and client.

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