Works the Way Clients Work

It's hard to change client habits. Liscio gives you the tools you need to work seamlessly with clients without having to change how they work with you. Liscio puts emails, texts, files, secure messages on a single screen so you and your clients stay on the same page.
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Works with every device

Be where your clients are. Liscio offers the full range of options for your clients to choose from. Phone, tablet, PC, mobile app, and even mobile web.

"We love using Liscio as our client-facing portal!"

Easiest login in the business

Liscio supports Face ID, sign in with Microsoft and Google credentials, magic links, and passwords.


All the Tools Your Clients Need to Succeed

24/7 Access

Clients want to self service. Liscio provides a single place for them to communicate, see open tasks, and access documents.

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Mobile App or Mobile Web

Offering both mobile app and mobile web options ensures clients get the experience they want, from wherever they are.

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Mobile Scanner

Clients scan documents from any device. Image files automatically convert to PDF.

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