Discover the Power
of Email Integration

Liscio automatically organizes your client emails by Contact and by Account. Simply connect to your Outlook or Gmail and Liscio handles the rest. No more cc's, bcc's, and dropped balls. See how Liscio can help your firm today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone in my firm access all of my emails?

Absolutely not! Only those emails from Clients in Liscio or emails that you've manually added to an account or contact will be visible to others within the firm. Only the primary user can view their email page; Emails associated with private Accounts remain visible only to those with access to those Accounts.

Are clients able to see emails that have been added to their account?

No, integrated emails are exclusively available to firm user Accounts. There is no change to the client experience, except for more timely and coordinated communication from your team, of course.

What if the email is not from the client, but I still want it on their record?

We understand your needs. Conversing with a parent about their dependent or discussing matters with a Client's legal team? Simply select "add to contact" from the menu to associate that message thread (including any future responses to that thread) with their record.

Does this imply that I now have two inboxes to manage?

We wouldn't impose that on you! Everything is synced, so if you've already responded and filed the email in your external Gmail or Outlook account, it will not appear on your Liscio email page. These emails will be pulled in, associated with the Contact and Account (if they are from/to a Liscio Contact), and moved to your "done" folder on the email page.

How do I get access to the SMS beta?

SMS is still in development. Sign up here to get added to the list when the beta is available.

When will SMS be available?

We will start the initial beta testing in July. We anticipate this feature will be available to all users in August.

Will clients see all the texts on their account?

No. Texts sent through Liscio will look like a regular SMS to the client and will not be shown in their view of Liscio.

Do I have to keep track of all the regulatory/compliance filing for texting?

No. We will handle brand and campaign registration for you, as well as opt-in/opt-out compliance with the clients.

Will other firm users see my texts?

Yes, we will be adding the client texts to their client records in Liscio for visibility across the firm.

Do we pay for each text or each phone number?

The SMS feature will be part of our new Pro Tier offering, but beta users will have free early access until  Sept, 30 2023. Assigned will be included with your license. Additional shared lines will have a monthly fee.

Will we be able to schedule texts?

Not in this initial beta, but it is on the roadmap for future enhancements. If this would be incredibly valuable, let us know in the beta feedback (on sms page) and we will look to re-prioritize.

How can I get access to the billing beta?

Billing is still in development. Sign up here to get added to the list when the beta is available.