The Single Portal for Accountants

Everything you and your clients need to work together.

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Liscio's mobile document scanner image for Accoutants
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Liscio's mobile notification image for accountants
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Face ID Login Screen
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eSignatures screen
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Liscio's menu navigation in the app for accountants

For the Client-Centric Firm

Give your clients software they love to use.

Wow them at first glance

When your systems look good, are EASY TO USE, and mobile-enabled, clients love to use them!

Keep clients organized

Give them a to-do list right inside Liscio so they can respond quickly. Automatic text reminders keep them on time and on track.

Client tools to act quickly and safely

The built in mobile scanner, integrated payments and biometric login makes it easy for clients to click, send and get it all done in one safe spot.

As part of the 'Nerd Enterprises' Bundle:

Half-off Liscio Setup Fee
25 Free eDocs
20% off if you sign up annually!
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