The Single Portal for Accountants

Everything you and your clients need to work together.

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Everything in One Place

Tired of looking for client information? Get the whole picture with Liscio. See emails, text messages, files, signatures, and client requests on a single screen.

Explore Timeline

Communicate Like a Pro.

From texting to mobile apps, Liscio keeps you front and center with your clients.

Meet clients where they are

Your clients have smartphones. Give your clients everything they need to work with you in a secure, quiet place.

Comply with IRS Publication 4557 and FTC Safeguards Rule

Meet the new IRS and FTC security standards for securing client communication and document exchange.


Stop Chasing Clients

Accountants spend as much as 40% of their time chasing clients for information. It's time to get your time back.

Client tasks
Automatic reminders
Two-way texting

Connect Apps Easily

Get more from the tools you love

Client experience

Create 5-Star Experiences

Give your clients something worth talking about. Earn your stars by creating stellar experiences every time.

Face ID Login

Clients don't want to juggle passwords. Make life easy for them with Face ID, Microsoft, and Google login options.

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Keep in Touch

Clients have everything they need to work with you from wherever they are.

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Liscio's mobile notification image for accountants

Secure File Transfer

Request and receive large files up to 2GB each.

Send Anything for eSignature

From engagement letters to tax returns, getting a signature has never been easier.

Document Scanner

Clients scan docs right from their phones. Images are automatically cropped and converted to PDF.


Join the Movement

See what other firms have to say about the new way they can work using the powerful tools built into Liscio.

Meet our Customers

"Liscio Saved My Life! (Before Liscio) I had sleepless nights, I was overwhelmed. Did I do this or that? I felt disorganized. Am I secure? In comes Liscio "Dave, we got you!" SOLUTION! Liscio helps my firm look good, be organized, simplifies my communication and ensures I never miss communication with my clients."

Dave Kersting
CEO/CPA, Capovario

"No more physical documents, No more client notes on post its, No more lost client emails. YES - Clear, clean organized client communication and document sharing with clients!"

Deanna Johnson
Client Communication & Outreach, Allman Johnson

"Liscio helps me and the team keep our heads on straight during TAX SEASON! Without Liscio a growing business cannot grow fast. Liscio is a LIFE SAVER and a DEAL MAKER!! Thank you Liscio!"

Michael Mette
Registered Tax Return Preparer, Your Tax Place